Are you a publisher or author looking for a book designer or illustrator? Is your business or organization in need of illustration or graphic design services? Joe can create custom artwork and design to fit your needs:blog

  • Custom Illustration

  • Book Cover Design

  • Book Interior Layout

  • E-book Design

  • Graphic Design

    including marketing materials, bookmarks, logos, business cards, and more

  • Digital Design

    including web site graphics, banners, and ads

  • Animation

    including 2-D and Flash Animation


Here’s what clients and critics have had to say about Joe and his work:

“I recently collaborated with Joe Eckstein on my children’s book, The Max Stories. Joe illustrated and designed the layout of the book, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The book is beautiful, clearly a result of his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. Furthermore, because this was my first project, I had many questions during development and publication, which Joe answered very patiently and thoroughly. Great artist and great guy. Also fun to work with.” 

—Julie Miller, Author of The Max Stories

“The illustrations are a lovely accompaniment to the text—they are simple and gentle to look at, and the proportion of text and illustration is well-balanced on the page.”

Writer’s Digest

“So great, Joe. I love your work!”

“You are the most amazing illustrator!”

“Joe Eckstein is an AMAZING talent!”

“I just love your art.”

“This guy is an A-1 artist, author and illustrator!”

“You are such a blessing and your work is inspiring!”


“That looks amazing. Simply beautiful.”

“WOW!!! Magnificent!! Gorgeous! . . . Thank you so much, Joe Eckstein!”

“You are a gifted artist”

“Thank you. This looks wonderful. You are a gem!”

“Thanks to the best illustrator around”

“Joe Eckstein, you bring life to my character. I thank you with all my heart.”

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